Devising a Culturally-Sustaining Behavior Intervention Plan

Devising a Culturally-Sustaining Behavior Intervention Plan

January 29, February 5, and February 12, 2024


Virtual Meeting (Zoom)


In this 3-part series, participants will apply the approaches discussed and piloted in the fall to a focal student. The goal would be for them to emerge with a 2-3 part intervention plan with the capacity to effect positive change in the students’ experience in their schooling environment and one that generates positive behavioral growth. Participants will know that their plans are viable if they are grounded in strengths-based framings of their focal students that take into account culturally-sustaining approaches and mindsets. 


Participants will be able to...

  • Apply the culturally-sustaining principles learned in our fall mini-course to their behavioral support programs. 
  • Begin mapping out their culturally-sustaining behavior intervention plan.

Pamela Jones

Educational Consultant
  • Sara Nelson