Strategies for Supporting Newcomer Students

Strategies for Supporting Newcomer Students

March 20 and 27, 2024


Virtual Meeting (Zoom)


This engaging professional development opportunity offers educators the chance to deepen their knowledge of helpful approaches and strategies to address the unique social and academic needs of Newcomer Multilingual Learners (MLs). The workshop is divided into 2 sessions with the first session addressing the social and emotional well-being of newcomers, while the second session focuses on supporting MLs as they access grade-level content and develop English simultaneously.


Participants will be able to..

  • identify approaches and design activities to welcome and promote safety, security and connectedness for varied Newcomers MLs.
  • adapt grade-level instructional tasks for Newcomer MLs, attending to accessibility and culturally and linguistically responsive practices.
  • identify and create appropriate English language learning goals/objectives related to grade-level instruction at the word, sentence and discourse levels. 
  • identify and apply strategic and appropriate use of, or reference to a Newcomer’s first language(s).

Boni-esther Enquist

Consultant, MATSOL
  • Sara Nelson